Starting this Friday, the ROE office will be closed on Fridays. Our office will be open from Monday thru Thursday from 8:30am-4:00pm. Have a fantastic summer weekend!
2 days ago, Dee Williams
"Teaching is the only profession that creates all other professions, ours is a noble calling." For more info:
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Future Ready
The ROE office is closed today in observance of the Juneteenth holiday. We celebrate and honor this important day in history. Our office will reopen tomorrow, Thursday, June 20th at 8:30am. Have a great holiday!
4 days ago, Dee Williams
FUTURE READY Teaching and Leadership Program! Please share this exciting initiative with UIS School of Education!
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Future Ready
There is still time to register!
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Our summer session of the Option 3 program is off to a great start in partnership with Nxtgen Speakers & Consulting and J Morris Enterprises. Students are working hard on earning academic credits as well as having a little fun while improving communication skills and core social and emotional learning competencies. Thank you, Mr. Sean Lee, for your dedication and creative efforts with our students!
10 days ago, Jill Reedy
Elevate Jump Park
SEL Communication Activity
SEL Hula Hoop 1
SEL Hula Hoop 2
SEL Hula Hoop 3
The Illinois School and Campus Safety Program brought Michelle Denault to ROE 39 to present, "It IS Your Business: Grooming and Sexual Assault Awareness for K-12 Schools and Institutions of Higher Education". Thank you to Program Director Eric Arnold and the many educators, law enforcement officers, community members and parents who spent the day with a heavy topic and left fully committed to keeping our students safe. A special thank you to Michelle for sharing her knowledge and journey of survival and to the Heart of Illinois Community Foundation for their support through lunch sponsorship.
10 days ago, Jill Reedy
Group photo
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HICF Thank you
10 days ago, Sarah Smith
Author Julie Smith was in town today to talk with some educators about media mastery. Many topics were covered: AI, infogestion, smishing, and uni-directional relationships.
11 days ago, ROE 39
Nadia mastery
media mastery
media mastery
media mastery
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AA2001 Training
Do you need Professional Development this summer? We have five classes that are online /self-paced. Sign up here or via the QR code below or at Click on "sign up for PD".
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online self-paced
State Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Tony Sanders, visited the Macon-Piatt Regional Office of Education #39 today to learn more about the programs the ROE offers and the work being done to support area schools. Dr. Sanders toured the new facility and had the opportunity to meet the summer cohort of Option Three students. After visiting with ROE 39 students and staff, Dr. Sanders headed to Dennis Lab School where he was welcomed by DPS 61 Superintendent, Dr. Rochelle Clark, and taken on a walk through the halls to visit classrooms. Thank you, Dr. Sanders, for taking time to visit our region today!
19 days ago, Jill Reedy
State Superintendent
Tony and Jill
Supt with Staff
State Superintendent with Students
Building Tour
DPS Supt
Keith and Kamie