GED and Constitution Information:


  • GED Testing is done at Richland Community College Testing Center.

  • To take the GED, students must go through the ged.com portal to register, schedule, and pay for the test. https://app.ged.com/login

  •     The cost to take the GED test is $36 per test module. A total of 4 test modules comprise the GED test. Discounts for testing maybe available through local GED programs or the Illinois Community College Board.

    • GED Prep Classes are available at Richland Community College. More information regarding these classes is available on their website at  www.richland.edu/adulted  or by calling 217-875-7211 Ext 6355. For updates and more information, please visit RCC’s Facebook site: “Adult Education at Richland Community College"


  • Beginning July 1, 2022, in order to earn a State of Illinois High School Diploma, students must now take the Illinois Constitution Module. It is available for students to take independently, and does not require proctoring at a testing center. This Constitution Module is only available online. Go to: https://www.ilconstitution.org/login If a student passed the Constitution while still in high school, they must provide an official transcript from that school.

  • Students should not take the Constitution Module until after completing at least one portion of the GED or HiSet. This enables the Illinois High School Equivalency Portal to match the Constitution test with their account.

Hi-Set Test:

Students may also take a HiSet Test to obtain a State of Illinois High School Diploma. This test is available online and on paper.

Or for general information or to set up a HiSet Account visit:



ROE #39 offers the paper version of the HiSet test BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Once you have set up your HiSet account, please call MaryLynn Mann at 217-872-3721 or email at mlmann@roe39.org.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on both the GED and HiSet, please visit