Got a Job? Get a Work Permit! It's the Law.

To protect the safety of Illinois teenagers, and place a priority on their education, minors age 14 or 15 may work, but not without first obtaining an Employment Certificate. These can be obtained from:

To Download Work Permit Documents: Click Here

Required documentation :

  • Application (Page 2 of the packet)

  • Letter of intent to Hire from Employer (or page 3 of the packet)

  • Principal's Statement (page 4 of the packet, and not required during summer months)

  • School or Sports Physical dated in the last year (or page 5 of the packet)

  • Social Security Card.

  • Evidence of age: a birth certificate (original or certified), or a certificate of baptism.

  • Child present with parent/guardian

A 14 or 15 year old minor may NOT work:

  • before 7 a.m.

  • after 7 p.m. between Labor Day and June 1

  • after 9 p.m. June 1 through Labor Day

  • more than 8 hours on non-school days

  • more than 3 hours on school days

  • more than 24 hours on school weeks

  • more than 28 hours during non-school weeks

  • more than six days per week

  • on premises where alcohol is served

More information can be found at: