ROE 39 news

SB 1569 extends licenses up for renewal this year by one year! (PEL, ELS-CTE, ELS-CSBO). Extensions will be automatic and occur Sept 1st in place of lapsing.  Educators do NOT need to submit any sort of request to ISBE. On September 1st, license cycles will be pushed forward one additional year. Educators will have one more fiscal year to complete any PD for the current cycle (which will be a six year cycle.) 

Educators will need to register for their year extension. ISBE will send email reminders to
these educators. The licenses must be registered for the additional year before the educator is
employed in the upcoming school year. Licenses will not lapse if the $10 goes unpaid but the
fee will be required before the educator can renew next year.

For more information contact Dee Williams at